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OHAT 2: Connect Your Home Automation Projects to the Web with the WildFire Board

In this second episode of the show I interview Dirk & Victor from Wicked Device, and we have another look at the question asked in the first episode of the show: why people are using the Raspberry as the ‘Hub’ of their home automation systems. In this episode we will see that the alternative is actually to […]

OHAT 1: Why Do People Use the Raspberry Pi as the Hub of their Home Automation Systems?

Today’s question comes from Garry, who asks why people are using the Raspberry as the ‘Hub’ of their home automation systems. He sees that many people use their Pi as the hub with multiple Arduinos connected to it, but he asks why it is so common. Mentioned in the episode: Arduino Uno Raspberry Pi B+ […]

Wireless Security Camera with the Arduino Yun

Ever saw these wireless security cameras that you can buy off the shelf? These are devices that you can setup somewhere in your home or outside, connect to your WiFi network, and then automatically take pictures if some motion is detected, for example. However, they are usually using the interface given by the manufacturer, which […]

Mix WiFi, Bluetooth and XBee in Your Home Automation Projects with a Universal REST API for Arduino

Most of the home automation Arduino projects I’ve been working on lately use wireless communications (WiFi, Bluetooth, or XBee). Or at least these projects are interfaced with a computer via the Arduino serial interface. And one problem I had is that I felt I was reinventing the wheel at every new project, because I didn’t […]